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Best Darts Bar Houston 2012 - Khon's Wine Darts Coffee Art

Khon\'s Wine Darts Coffee Art

Khon's Wine Darts Coffee Art

2808 Milam

Houston, TX 77006


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It would be a bummer if Khon's, which flaunts "darts" in its name, didn't do the throwers thing very well. Well, no worries, because the venue's well-kept dartboards make this a destination for rookies as well as the dart teams that sometimes post up inside of the Midtown spot. Khon's also does the "wine," "coffee" and "art" pretty darn well. Plus, if you're sitting outside at one of the curbside/parking lot tables, you may soon find yourself invited inside to one of Mekong Center's ever-rotating underground spaces, listening to jacked-up noise music or looking at a suspended-from-the-ceiling piece of carpet during a conceptual art opening.

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