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Best Junkyard Houston 2012 - Big LeRoy's Auto Parts

Big LeRoy's Auto Parts

11801 W. Montgomery Road

Houston, TX 77086


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Sometimes, just for fun, we'll browse through Big LeRoy's enormous online inventory, randomly picking a car, looking at the photo of it sitting there in the yard, and poring over the VIN breakdown. The other day, we clicked on a 1991 Accord at random, saw all the parts that were available, as well as what condition the car was in, and thought to ourselves that, if we ever needed a fender from a 1991 Accord, how freaking cool would this be? And that's what Big LeRoy's is all about: customer service. You can find what you're looking for before you even make the drive over, plus you'll be assured of a good price.

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That sounds like a great time! I love going to scrap yards and doing the same thing. I think being an auto wrecker would be a really fun job. I will have to look into it more and see if that kind of profession is right for me. I know a few guys that are auto wreckers that I could talk to. I'm sure they'd let me know if it was a business worth getting into. <a href='' ></a>


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