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Best Lighting/Lamp Store Houston 2012 - A & O Lamp Company

A & O Lamp Company

3936 Bellaire Blvd.

Houston, TX 77005


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Say you're digging through Grandma's attic and find a charming old lamp adorned with a chap holding a lantern, but the cord and plug are so old you'd scarcely risk plugging it in? Take the little guy to A & O Lamp Company, where they'll rig up new works for you, fearlessly. It's scandalously hard to find lamp stores that will also do interior repair work. Owner Steve Schwartz is honest, and he and the folks who work for him all know their way around a lamp harp. It seems everyone sells lamps and shades nowadays, but remember, you get what you pay for. The lighting fixtures may seem pricey, but they're high-quality — we were able to find a hot pink chandelier here, the perfect touch for an overly formal foyer.

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Needed an antique lamp fixed and sent over several scale pictures including the 5 light chandelier outlets and the owner tells me it would be 120 - 130.00 so I have the lamp dropped off. He calls me back to tell me it was going to be 250.00 to fix the lamp knowing that I needed it for the dining room at my daughters wedding just weeks away. Felt like a total bait and switch. But I agreed as I needed it done and had spent so much time working things out with him and having the lamp delivered so I am like fine fine can't waist any more time on this but, "You will have it done by the wedding??" Then, this over confident "I've been in business 40 years" turns into a newbee who waffles on his statement "I can have it done, no problem" to "I can't make those kind of guarantees!" He did get the lamp done the AFTERNOON before the wedding but by that time there were so many last minute bridal issues and the Reception Dinner that evening - pick up could not be arranged. Then when I couldn't drop everything to go pick up the lamp (Honeymoon, Family still in town,etc) the owner turns threatening telling me I have to come now or he is selling my lamp!! Scrambling, I get my daughter to go get the lamp giving her the $250.00 and he upcharges her to $270.00!!

Bad Business, unethical practices, and just uncompassionate human relations.



Got a phone call from a friend that I haven't spoken to in years while shopping. Quite happy! Perfectly in the shopping mode for the rooms we are renovating and don't mind the store being clearly OVERPRICED!!

I get charged with this VERY ANGRY gentleman (OWNER/MANAGER: medium sized; white hair) who is yelling at me asking me to get off my phone and get out because there is a "CUSTOMER WHO IS WAITING FOR ME" since she thinks I work here!!! Loud enough for my friend to hear!! He wouldn't even wait until I ask my friend to hold!! And called "me" RUDE and asks me to leave!!

I didn't say a word and left!!

Sir! People like you are not worth the fight! You lost my business! You will lose others' businesses simply because you are not able to RESPECT others ... Its not about selling; you simply don't know how to do it!!

Go ask your only waiting customer "how may I help you ma'am". Also find out why your workers looks quite unhappy!!



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