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Best Mexican Houston 2012 - La Fisheria

La Fisheria

La Fisheria

4705 Inker St.

Houston, TX 77007


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Readers' Choice: READERS' CHOICE: Pico's Mex-Mex

Chef Aquiles Chavez doesn't serve chips and salsa or fajitas at La Fisheria, because this isn't a Tex-Mex restaurant: It's a true Mexican establishment from a Mexican chef who's more interested in modern, creative interpretations of his home country's food than in serving standards. For appetizers, tender octopus is served over thin slices of confit potatoes with Mexican vanilla oil, and tostadas are topped with raw yellowfin tuna, avocado and fried leeks. Entrées dig even deeper into old-school Mexican ingredients, such as pibil-style red snapper rubbed with achiote paste and served with xnipec.

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Now I like La Fisheria. A lot. But now you're just trying to be "different". Is La Fisheria better than Hugo's? Not in a million years. The service alone would disqualify it, let alone the inconsistency in the kitchen, or the wine list which while interesting, is certainly not amazing. Great, yes. Best, no. Really, the only Beard finalist in the city doesn't even have the best restaurant in his category? I like that you're highlighting La Fisheria, but keep in mind that lots of visitors to Houston use this as their only entry point into eating in this town, and you're really doing them a disservice by trying to be quirky.

kshilcutt moderator editor

 @johnatrisk I'm sorry you feel that we're trying to be quirky, but I -- for one -- am a legitimately big fan of La Fisheria. I like that they're taking risks and doing something different from the standard Tex-Mex in this town, and doing a very good job of it most of the time. Besides -- everyone knows that Hugo's plays in a league of its own and long ago surpassed the need for external validation. That place is on a different plane entirely.


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