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Best Neighborhood Restaurant Houston 2012 - Arturo Boada Cuisine

Arturo Boada Cuisine

Arturo Boada Cuisine

6510 Del Monte Dr.

Houston, TX 77057


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Do residents of the nearby Tanglewood neighborhood know how lucky they are to have Arturo Boada Cuisine in their backyard? Longtime Houston chef Boada could have easily opened his restaurant anywhere else in Houston — certainly inside the Loop — and made a killing. Instead, he chose a very tucked-away location on a quiet side street in a mostly residential area near the Memorial Villages, renovated the space in a cheerful but chic fashion, put together a fine menu of bistro-type dishes in his signature Spanish/Asian/Latin American style and constructed a solid wine list — the place has been packed each night ever since. Mostly with nearby neighbors, it must be noted, so clearly the folks in this area do know just how good they have it.

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This is a stunningly noisy restaurant, but we had fun...


I thought this fellow had headed for the hills long ago. Glad he's within driving distance now. I liked some of his other places.