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Best Pakistani Restaurant Houston 2012 - Himalaya



6652 Southwest Fwy

Houston, TX 77036


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Pakistani food is often regarded as a subset of Indian cuisine, but it has an identity all its own. One huge difference between the two types of restaurants: beef, which you're not likely to find at Indian places. No one is doing it better, or more visibly, than Chef Kaiser Lashkari and his staff at Himalaya. Himalaya claims to be the only restaurant in North America that serves authentic Hunter's Beef. The Balochi Resha Gosht is another terrific beef dish, with hunks of tender meat that will remind you of Mom's pot roast, but in a red, savory, spicy sauce of tomatoes, herbs and spices. We were warned that it was "very spicy," but we found it just right. Surprisingly, the other don't-miss category here is dessert. We were amazed by the almond custard, which is similar to flan but denser, like baked rice pudding. The spongy milk cake is utterly delightful as well. Expect portions to provide not only a good meal but great lunch leftovers the next day, or share an entrée and desserts (yes, plural) with a friend.

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It's the best,I decided to go there every week. The owner,Kaisar, is very kindly. Foods are the best and in huge amount. 


Hell yeah! Himalaya brings it. Wonderful stuff!