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Best Spice Shop Houston 2012 - Penzeys Spices

Penzeys Spices

Penzeys Spices

516 W. 19th St.

Houston, TX 77008


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Of course Penzeys Spices is the best spice shop in the Houston area, you say. It's the only spice shop. Not true: There are specialty shops and grocers all over, some catering to only one type of cuisine. There are Chinese stores, Vietnamese purveyors, a Russian general store...we've seen them all in our culinary pursuits through Houston. But any spice you've ever dreamed of, you'll find at Penzeys. And then some. Think of the iterations of spice combos possible in this place! Being the only real game in town has not made them snooty, though. Pam and the other kind women who work there cater to you as if you are the only customer they've ever had.

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There is a new spice shop in Houston and it's called Savory Spice Shop in Rice Village!! You can buy as little as 1/2 oz. and you can taste all of their spices and spice blends that a ground fresh weekly.  Taste what you want and buy what you need.  They have an awesome selection of hard to find spices.  If you love to cook or eat, Savory Spice Shop is a must to visit @ 2516 Times Blvd in the Village.


Penzey's has more spices than Flores Spice & Herbs? It's the only real game in town? Hmmmm. Someone needs to venture a bit farther east down 19th street.