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Best Sports Talk Host Houston 2012 - Lance Zierlein, SportsTalk 790 AM

Readers' Choice: READERS' CHOICE: Charlie Pallilo

In an industry becoming increasingly cluttered with boisterous blowhards who want to be Jim Rome, stat geeks who worship at the Moneyball altar, and seriously unfunny wannabe comedians, Lance Zierlein is a rare triple threat. He is equally comfortable asserting his opinion, dissecting complex statistical analysis or creating funny characters. His ability to be both informative and entertaining is the radio equivalent of a five-tool player in baseball. Now that he has a partner in Charlie Pallilo, who is his equal in terms of experience and sports intellect, the two could dominate sports talk radio in Houston.

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@jeffbalke I saw that! We talked about it on Matt Thomas' show. He hates it. I'm getting it blown up and put above my desk


@LanceZierlein @jeffbalke Congrats Lance. Let's see if you can keep the streak alive of winners moving to California the following year!


@SeanCablinasian @lancezierlein let me juss say dis.Wit out da MAN behind da glass to keep up asses on da mic.They ain't no award. U feel me


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