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Best Strip Club Houston 2012 - The Colorado Bar & Grill

The Colorado Bar & Grill

The Colorado Bar & Grill

6710 SW Freeway

Houston, TX 77074


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Readers' Choice: READERS' CHOICE: Treasures Houston

Do you like a good Philly cheesesteak or pollo poblano with your boobs? What we're saying here is that, besides the lovely ladies gracing the club's three main stages, there's a bountiful menu. And if for some reason you need a break from looking at half-naked gyrating young females, the Colorado offers billiards, tabletop video games and Golden Tee. From its old-school-Vegas-style sign to its super-friendly staff, the Colorado has a look and feel quite unlike that at other places where ladies twirl on poles in clear high heels for strangers. Some gentlemen's clubs tend to go overboard on creating an illusion of exclusivity; the Colorado is laid-back and lacks pretense. Who knows? You might even become a regular.

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I'd be careful about the St. James Cabaret on Rankin. They could get annexed and get hit the way Treasures was. Houston/Harris county are on a crusade against human trafficking and strip clubs are notorious for that. 


The customer service is poor there too. They have a 2 drink minimum with super-expensive drinks. That's on top of the $5 cover in the day or $15 at night. The waitresses come up to you every 10 seconds. They have more waitresses than customers it seems.  The manager is a prick too. He has a goatee, he's short, and walks around with a walkie talkie all the time. They're like the gestapo with the 2 drink minimum. Maybe they should fire some of the waitresses. There's no need for 10,000 of them.


I haven't been to this club, maybe I'll check it out sometime. I've been to Treasures, the reader's choice. Pretty good. Honestly the best club I've been to in Houston. I've also been to Gold Cup and Penthouse Club. Nothing special.


Wow, The Colorado is still around?


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