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Best Ultimate-Fighting Bar Houston 2012 - Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings

3939 Washington Ave.

Houston, TX 77007


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Readers' Choice: READERS' CHOICE: Buffalo Wild Wings

We're of the mind that if you aren't going to do something right, you might as well not do it at all. That's why we prefer to watch our UFC matches off Washington Avenue, that drunken and amorous avenue full of men with shaved arms and the women who love them, at least for this weekend. The sport of ultimate fighting is like catnip to them, and watching them cheer for blood and gore in their natural habitat is worth nearly getting run over in the bar parking lot. Once the match is over, drown your sorrows in one of the bars a few blocks away.

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I've been here before during fight night and they are certainly right. It's filled with dudes in Affliction and Tapout gear. Gets kinda rowdy.


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