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Best Wine Bar Houston 2012 - 13 Celsius

13 Celsius

13 Celsius

3000 Caroline

Houston, TX 77004


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So named for the temperature at which it carefully stores its hoard of wine, 13 Celsius has become the paradigm by which all other wine bars in Houston are judged. The meticulously restored building is a metaphor for the meticulously compiled wine list, which prominently features Old World wines that may have been otherwise snubbed or forgotten by a Napa Cab-heavy modern world. You come to 13 Celsius to experience something fascinatingly old-yet-new or find a subtly exciting new favorite under the friendly guidance of the knowledgeable servers; you don't come here to pick up cougars or guzzle cheap wine by the glass. That said, 13 Celsius is justifiably famous for its half-price Sundays, when it sells all uncorked bottles for 50 percent off.

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Fun finds, nice people, in a place that is casually and tastefully 'underwrought'.