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Best Biker Bar Houston 2013 - Outlaw Dave's Worldwide Headquarters

Outlaw Dave\'s Worldwide Headquarters

Outlaw Dave's Worldwide Headquarters

6502 Washington Ave.

Houston, TX 77007


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Outlaw Dave's proves that not all biker bars are created equal. They don't have to be scary places where you might get into a brawl or have to compete with vermin for a barstool. This outpost on the far west arm of Washington Avenue is clean, cool and considerably well-staffed. The location has a history as one of the city's original icehouses and beer shacks, at times serving as both a gambling lounge and a brothel. These days you can enjoy a plate of wings or quesadillas as you watch the namesake's radio show being broadcast from his studio in the bar while you drink a cold beer or Jack & Coke. Stop by on a Saturday night for Kiki Maroon's "Midnight Circus," full of fun and naughtiness.

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