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Best Blues Club Houston 2013 - Shakespeare Pub

Shakespeare Pub

Shakespeare Pub

14129 Memorial

Houston, TX 77079


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Readers' Choice: READERS' CHOICE: House of Blues

The blues is alive and well some distance from the Katy Freeway's Kirkwood exit, behind Olde Towne Kolaches and next door to a florist. Otherwise a grubby if literary-minded neighborhood bar, the Shakespeare has for many years now reflected not some long-outdated idea of the blues but what the music looks and sounds like today: older, white, suburban. It's had some help, but the Shakespeare has nurtured a community of local musicians — including but not limited to JohnMcVey, Sonny Boy Terry, Sparetime Murray, Mojofromopolis, Steve Krase & the In Crowd and the Mighty Orq — who have gone a long way toward keeping Houston's scene fertile when in most other cities the blues is but a distant memory.

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Strikes me as a weird choice, given the attention you've given the Big Easy for being extra remarkable... I think it is in fact the true best, but you might have noticed their trophy case is already to capacity and taken mercy on them


Not even close on this one: Big Easy. More music, better bands, better jukebox, better prices on drinks and free cover. Guess this was a sympathy choice.