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Best Cajun Houston 2013 - Beaucoup Bar & Grill

Beaucoup Bar & Grill

Beaucoup Bar & Grill

3102 Old Spanish Trail

Houston, TX 77054


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You can tell a lot about a Cajun joint by the service, and both the service and the atmosphere at Beaucoup are about as laid-back and casual as it gets, which by our estimation is a good sign. Wedged just south of the Texas Medical Center and 288 off Old Spanish Trail, Beaucoup Bar & Grill cranks out great standard Cajun and Creole fare six days a week, as well as a brunch service on Sundays. The Beaucoup hot wings and crawfish bread are standout winners, as is the housemade fruit lemonade. Call ahead if you want to try to tackle its monstrous two-foot shrimp po-boy.

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I got a shrimp po' boy & shrimp gumbo. I had to dig into both, to remove the tails from the shrimp. If shrimp is fried or biled, I have no prob removing the tails, but in gumbo or a sandwich---well, I don't like having to dig into my food. I much prefer the Ragin' Cajun's new 'The L.A. (Lake Arthur) Bar'--immediately next the the Ragin' Cagin. MUCH more extensive menu, than the Ragin'.