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Best Chicken-Fried Steak Houston 2013 - Hickory Hollow

Hickory Hollow

Hickory Hollow

101 Heights Blvd.

Houston, TX 77007


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Readers' Choice: READERS' CHOICE: Hickory Hollow

As Texan as The Alamo or Friday night football, finding and devouring a great chicken-fried steak is a tradition. A big, fat, artery-clogging tradition. And once you find your favorite, forget about ordering it anyplace else. Such is the case with the chicken-fried steak at Hickory Hollow. This hand-battered monstrosity of a steak is so perfectly seasoned and cooked, there should be a holiday to celebrate its amazingness. Smothered in the appropriately named Texas River-bottom gravy, the steaks are served in a variety of sizes, from the six-ounce "small cowgirl" sandwich portion to the gargantuan "large rancher," which is, fittingly, served on a pizza pan.

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Gotta have that chicken fried steak


Sorry. Barbecue is good, but I cannot stand that 'Texas River Bottom gravy'. Re-instate the cream gravy option--& we'll talk! Give us options.


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