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Best Festival Houston 2013 - Houston Art Car Parade

Houston Art Car Parade

Houston Art Car Parade

2402 Munger

Houston, TX 77023


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This year's winner for Best Festival, the Houston Art Car Parade, is actually a weekend-long party that includes the parade; a ball; an awards ceremony and brunch; and other, slightly less official events. True to the parade's Orange Show beginnings, the celebrations are all weird, eccentric and decidedly offbeat. The procession of art cars, art bikes and what are best described as tricked-out contraptions remains the centerpiece, with more than 300 entries from across the country and an audience of 250,000 spectators at last year's parade.

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This looks like fun thing for us to do here in Atlanta.

1- we love art

2- we love our cars

2- we love weird eccentric and off beat things too!

I'm sure our insurance clients would get the biggest kick out of this too.

Here is a shoutout to bring the art car parade to Atlanta!

Lloyd Pro Group | Nationwide Insurance
1830 Water Place Suite 105, Atlanta, GA 30339