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Best Honky-Tonk Houston 2013 - Blanco’s Bar & Grill

Blanco’s Bar & Grill

Blanco’s Bar & Grill

3406 W. Alabama

Houston, TX 77027


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Readers' Choice: READERS' CHOICE: Whiskey River

A roadhouse in River Oaks has been one of the local music scene's most confounding riddles. It's true; some critics have called Blanco's a clubhouse for Coca-Cola cowboys who only book their country-lite friends. And while actual bottle-throwing brawls may be rare — it's definitely an older, moneyed crowd, no question — the Lone Star is still cold, the hardwood floor is boot-polished to a high gloss, and the live music is a lot closer to Hank and Merle (or Willie and Waylon) than at any of Houston's larger suburban "dance halls." Enjoy it while you can, though. Blanco's is currently scheduled to close November 30, although there's an outside chance its landlords at St. John's School will allow it to stay open longer.

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Hmmm... seems like everyone except HP knows what the best country bar is. Seriously, how can you vote this place best country bar when a place like Whiskey is packed every night it's open? I've been to Blanco's on more than one occasion when you drive a Ford F350 through it without hitting someone.