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Best Jogging Trail Houston 2013 - Eleanor Tinsley Park

Eleanor Tinsley Park

Eleanor Tinsley Park

500 Allen Parkway

Houston, TX 77002


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Readers' Choice: Memorial Park

If you're a runner, a jogger or even an avid fan of sauntering, you realize the value of a good place to engage in a little forward locomotion. With plenty of shade and enough greenery to admire, Eleanor Tinsley Park is a great place to get your jog on. The place isn't as packed to the gills as Memorial Park, but there are enough fellow runners on the trail so that you aren't slogging through the Houston heat and humidity alone — there's always that extra little drive that kicks in when someone else tries to pass you. As long as you don't hit this trail up after dark, it offers a view of the Houston skyline and enough hills on some paths to give you a real workout if you decide to get ambitious.

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