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Best Onion Rings Houston 2013 - Christian's Tailgate

Christian\'s Tailgate

Christian's Tailgate

2000 Bagby

Houston, TX 77002


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When your server at Christian's Tailgate asks if you want fries or onion rings, there's only one defensible reply. The rings, giant circles of sweet white onion coated with a batter so dense you might think it was savory cookie dough, are deep-fried but never greasy, crisp but not crumbly. And with a luscious oily brown sheen and rich consistency, the rings are also, as you might expect, deliciously distracting. Two-thirds of the way through an order, you may pause and think, "Wait, didn't I come for the burger?" Well, that's what you can tell the folks at home, but we know better.

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Their onion rings are okay, but not anything to write home about.  I may be wrong, but I think they may also be frozen.  I think some of these picks just get kind of phoned in.  The best onion rings I've had in town are at Jake's Philly Steaks. 


I agree with Stuart48.....these are by far NOT the best onion rings in town. Super greasy and what onion?? They were completely soggy and mushy inside. Who votes on these things?


I think that the onion rings that I had at the Washinton & I-10 location were about below par compared to Jack in the Box. Totally a frozen product that sucked.