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Best Spectacles/Glasses/Optometry Houston 2013 - Smith's Opticians

Readers' Choice: READERS' CHOICE: Memorial Park Vision

Smith's Opticians has long been Houston's best source for new old stock frames (that means unworn or unopened vintage), but the store also has a carefully curated selection of modern frames (or pretty much any look). Your glasses won't be ready in an hour, and they might cost more than you'd pay at some other places, but the owner, Phillip, will practically wait on you hand and foot until you find the perfect pair. Bonus: You'll have a set of frames unlike anyone else's in this city.

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Does Smith's offer optometry services, or are they strictly opticians? These terms are so closely related (in meaning and sound) that it is easy to confuse the two. From my understanding, an optician's main job is to provide corrective lenses. Optometrists are responsible for eye exams and diagnosing conditions. This is what I need, but I am not sure if Smith's is the place to go.