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Best Sports Talk Radio Host Houston 2013 - Matt Thomas

Midday sports radio hosting is a thankless gig. Anyone can take calls and do interviews in drive time when practically the entire city is stuck in traffic and the best athletes and coaches are available. But lunchtimers are usually subjected to annoying blowhards who sound like Rush Limbaugh in a football jersey. That's not Matt Thomas, who manages to combine a lifetime of Houston sports knowledge with the requisite patience and sense of humor needed to handle the tedium of midday sports talk. He strikes the perfect balance between hardcore sports talk and entertainment, all set to a '70s music soundtrack.

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Matt and Charlie are the best on 790, and really the reason that I listen.  That's kinda weird, as both guys are of totally contrasting styles....yet both are excellent at what they do.  Congratulations Matt!  Cue the mood music!


This is what happens when you show prep like a mudda!