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Best Tex-Mex Restaurant Houston 2013 - El Real

El Real

El Real

1201 Westheimer

Houston, TX 77006


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Readers' Choice: READERS' CHOICE: Chuy's

A little bit of Mexico and a lotta bit of Texas, the national food of the state is represented at its best inside the restored Tower Theater in the heart of Houston's Montrose neighborhood. El Real offers all the hits: cheesy enchiladas, fat puffy tacos, sizzling fajitas and thirst-quenching margaritas, all of which rival the best offered by any restaurant this side of the Rio Grande. The beans are made with real manteca, or lard, which gives them a distinct taste that when combined with the freshly made tortillas makes for an exquisite complement to any meal. Try the delicious bacon enchiladas for brunch, and if you like them, then you better put an egg on them!

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I must admit, there's nothing wrong with El Real, but "best" my ass.

I'm tired of seeing these typical trendy Montrose Tex-Mex joints on "best of" lists.

This has all the popularity contest stylings of the Grammy Awards.

The Original Ninfa's, on Navigation, is the best Tex-Mex in the city. 

Just look at Chef Padilla's credentials, look at the menu items, or best yet, eat there.

El Real is just a new dog getting a bone tossed it's way, so readers don't have to see the same winner every single year.

If you want traditional Mexican food, Hugo's is where it's at. Anyone who says otherwise is a lying lair.


You are kidding me!.  I have had better Tex-Mex at Taco Bell.  I can't believe this place is still open.  It should have bitten the dust like Caswell's Stella Sola

texmex01 topcommenter

@todoug somebody sounds a little bitter towards the owner.....