News Flash: We Have a Trade. Well, Kinda.

The MLB non-waiver trading deadline has come and gone. And little Timmy Purpura pulled off a trade.

Yep, he's paid the San Diego Padres to take Morgan Ensberg off of the Astros' hands.

That's right. The Astros paid the Padres to take Morgan Ensberg. That's the trade.

Sure, the story says Ensberg's been traded for a player to be named later, or if they're unable to agree on a player to be named later, the Padres will send the Astros cash.

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But the fact is the Astros paid the Padres to take Ensberg. Because, if you read the story closely, you'll notice that the Astros will also be paying Ensberg's salary for the rest of the season. So, the Astros are paying Ensberg to play for the Padres, and the Astros are paying the Padres for the rights to keep paying Ensberg while he plays for the Padres.

The only thing missing from this deal is the Astros winding up with another utility player capable of playing third, second, first and the outfield. And knowing the way the Astros work, I'd not be surprised if the player to be named later ends up being Morgan Ensberg.

Which leads me to ask: Has anybody seen Tal Smith lately? Is he still alive?

Astros baseball, you've got to love it. -- John Royal

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