5th Annual Houston Fringe Festival

There’s one thing you can expect at the 5th Annual Houston Fringe Festival — the unexpected. The multidiscipline festival brings together cutting-edge dance, theater, film, burlesque, puppetry and music performances over three weekends. Among those scheduled is the dance piece Can’t Get Next to You, directed by FrenetiCore’s Rebecca French. The work includes love duets for male/male and female/female couples, a first for Houston, according to French.

Also up is Best Served Cold, presented by Edge Theatre. The one-act Served Cold, written by Jim Tommaney (who also reviews theater for the Houston Press), follows a group of army clerks discussing the procedures for holding enemy combatants, or rather the loopholes in those procedures. When a new trainee joins the group, an experienced, somewhat jaded clerk explains how to get around the regulations — for example, how to keep a prisoner awake for a continuous 40-hour period while still meeting the requirement for four hours of sleep in any 24-hour period.

Houston talent also provides Liberators: A New Musical Revue by Morningstar Theatrical Productions. The musical collaboration by Eric Jones and Alex Winkler is the story of a man who helps his grandfather, a Holocaust survivor, come to terms with his past. Among the out-of-town talent in the Festival is We Us Them Ya’ll by New York City’s Sobers & Godley. The duo perform a series of dance vignettes that explore the emotions a couple experiences over the course of their relationship.
Aug. 30-Sept. 2; Sept. 6-9; Sept. 14-15, 2012


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