A Positive Spin

In this age of spiraling medical costs and the federal government's basically saying "F you" to the uninsured, not having medical insurance sucks. Few know this better than local DJ/musician Eban Doss, who's battling late-stage malignant melanoma (read: mean skin cancer) — without the backing of an HMO.

Some local turntablists are stepping up for Doss and stepping to the tables. At today's G.R.A.B. the DJ, some of Houston's top spinners will hold it down for a good cause. "We grabbed a bunch of DJs who know him and support him, and who're more than happy to drop some short sets," says DJ Ceeplus & the House of Bad Knives. Expect a night of hip-hop, rock, electro, funk, dance and some '60s soul. "When he was deejaying, Eban would go all over the place, so this is a perfect tribute," says Ceeplus. "This show is for record collectors and music fans." Sit back and enjoy supa-cheap drinks as a who's who of DJs — including Ceeplus and Press writer Travis Ritter (a.k.a. Panhandle Slim) — keep this upbeat night moving.
Fri., May 12, 9 p.m.-2 a.m.

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