A.K.A. Nikki S. Lee

A.K.A. Nikki S. Lee is a weirdly eponymous title for a film project by someone known for not acting like herself. In her photography career, Korean-born artist Nikki S. Lee adapts the outfits and mannerisms of various subcultures — rappers, punk rockers, yuppies, skateboarders, exotic dancers, brides, lesbians, rural Ohioans (yes, that last one was real) — all in a Cindy Sherman-esque quest to explore identity. The hour-long A.K.A. Nikki S. Lee focuses on a reserved, intellectual filmmaker (Nikki One) shooting a documentary about her wild socialite alter ego. “Nikki One is supposed to be real Nikki, and Nikki Two is supposed to be fake Nikki,” Lee told The New York Times. “But they are both fake Nikki.” Lee (who we guess will be appearing as Nikki Three) will be on hand to explain things at today’s screening at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

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