“Another Shocking Psychological Thriller,” “Sunburn,” “Light Always in Plural”

The Houston Center for Photography is unveiling three new exhibits. The first is California artist Tracey Snelling’s “Another Shocking Psychological Thriller,” an intricate assemblage of miniature sculptures, tiny video projectors and photo collages. With a look evoking a vintage movie set, the pieces come together to tell a noir-inspired tale of murder. The second is from Chris McCaw, also a Cali resident, who experiments with film development in “Sunburn.” Inspired by an incident in which he left a set of negatives out at night and the morning sun literally burnt a whole into them, his photos of lakes, cities, bridges and forests were purposefully exposed to sunlight, leaving scar-like burns where the sun first touched them. And third is “Light Writes Always in Plural,” featuring Norwegian artist Anne Katrine Senstad’s room-encompassing photo collages. They appear to be square-shaped light spectrums, with dark purple shifting to light red and back again in the piece titled 1.a.l.10.02.04. The works are made up of thousands of small mono-color photographs, each one lighter than the one before it.
Wednesdays-Sundays. Starts: Sept. 13. Continues through Oct. 21, 2007


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