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Apocalypse Town

Home isn’t easy to define for Anthony Barilla. The musician, writer and theater artist splits his time between Houston and Mitrovica, a politically and ethnically divided town in Kosovo. Barilla moved five years ago when his wife got a job with a human rights organization. “There are days when I don’t speak English to anyone else except my wife,” he says. “You spend a lot of time in your head that way.”

That idea of being a stranger in one’s own supposed home helped inform Apocalypse Town, Barilla’s interdisciplinary concert, which will see its world premiere at DiverseWorks. Apocalypse Town is a mixture of monologue, film and Barilla’s highly versatile onstage band, The Truth and Reconciliation Commission — which will play everything from Kosovan rock and roll to hip-hop. The focus may be on Mitrovica and Kosovan rock music, but only at first glance. “To me, they’re the environment for this other idea: how we make up the places that we live in, how we imagine them, including, specifically, Houston.”

7 p.m. Wednesday, 8 p.m. Thursday through Saturday, 6 p.m. Sunday. DiverseWorks, 1117 East Freeway. For information, call 713-335-3445 or visit Pay-what-you-want to $25.
March 21-25, 2012


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