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Be Sharp

Sarah Sharp is one part Tina Fey, one part Aimee Mann. Both Sharp and Fey thrive in a male-dominated world, write brilliantly and would be dead ringers for each other with a quick dye job. And both Sharp and Mann create soaring, piano-infused, jazz-tinged pop melodies that come crashing down around you. But where Mann leaves you wanting Zoloft, Sharp leaves you wanting more. The Austin chanteuse's witty, quirky and sexy vocal stylings are magnificently showcased on her latest release, Fourth Person (produced by Houstonian Dan Workman, who worked magic with Beyoncé). You can get a sample today when Sharp takes the stage at Theater LaB Houston for a special concert that promises to be anything but dull. 8 p.m. 1706 Alamo. For tickets and information, call 713-927-6704 or visit $15.
Tue., Jan. 31


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