Beer Wars

Did you know that 80 percent of the beer made in the United States is now controlled by two companies — Anheuser-Busch InBev in Belgium and SABMiller in South Africa? Buying a made-in-the-USA-by-a-USA-company brew might be harder than you think. It’s enough to make any god-fearin’, hops-guzzlin’, Clydesdale-lovin’ Amurrican squeeze his Koozie in frustration. In the new documentary Beer Wars, seen in its world premiere here, director Anat Baron goes into the breweries and boardrooms of the industry, investigating the struggles between the giant beer companies and smaller microbrewers. Beer Wars features folks like Dogfish Head Craft Brewery’s Sam Calagione and New Century Brewing Company’s Rhonda Kallman, both of whom are fighting for a share of the thirsty marketplace. A one-night-only screening, Beer Wars will be simulcast live in more than 400 theaters across America, including almost a dozen around Houston. The film will be followed by a live discussion and interview hosted by Nixon speechwriter/Bueller teacher/conservative commentator Ben Stein. He certainly has the surname, ah, we mean, intellectual prowess, to lead an after-show talk. 7 p.m. Various theaters including Edwards Houston Marq*e 23 & IMAX, 7620 Katy Freeway. For information, visit $15.
Thu., April 16, 2009

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