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A short toss: Madd Mexx gets hard-core.
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"We don't mind the word 'midgets.' Considering we are, it's not a problem for us," says Steve Richardson, who runs the Rok'Um Sok'Um Tour, a hard-core midget wrestling extravaganza.

Richardson is something of a split personality. As the entrepreneur of, he's provided many little people with the opportunity to make a decent living in the entertainment business. (Of course, the Little People of America tend to disagree with him over the word "decent," among other things.) As Puppet the Psycho Dwarf, he taunts the crowd while bashing metal chairs over the heads of his opponents in the ring.

We'll get to meet Puppet the Psycho Dwarf this weekend at the Meridian, when he battles it out with Madd Mexx the Immigration Sensation. But for now, Richardson the entrepreneur describes the show. "It's WWE-style," he says. "We bring a 15-by-15 ring into bars and clubs around the nation. But we do the hard-core style."


The Rok'Um Sok'Um Tour

1503 Chartres, 713-225-1717,

7 p.m. Friday, July 23. $14.

In Houston, he says, "the first match is midget on midget, and then we do a big-guy hard-core match to kind of get the people ready for a hard-core midget match. Then the main midget match is 45 minutes long and it goes throughout the whole bar."

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And that's when the party starts. "You'll see the midgets jumping off the bars, the tables, the platforms," he says. "You know, if they want hard-core wrestling, then we give them a little blood."

Richardson certainly knows what he's doing. His skills have landed him Hollywood gigs, including roles as a batboy in The Babe and as a stunt double in Batman Returns.

But what about Puppet? Puppet, after all, isn't an entrepreneur. He's the Psycho Dwarf. Well, Puppet didn't have much to say to us, but here's what he told the Chicago Tribune last year: "I'm going to break down and kill every midget in the country. Mini-Me? Dead. Tattoo? Dead. Wait, he already is. Mini-Me, I'm going to get all his money, all his parts in movies. I'm greedy. I want all his women, too!"

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