BooTown’s Best of Grown-up Storytime

BooTown’s Best of Grown-up Storytime features a lineup of stories that are a triple threat: they were well-written, well-presented and well-received by audiences their first go-round. The program includes Sims Hardin reading Puke Fan from Storytime in February. “Puke Fan is about a guy who got drunk at a bar and threw up on a fan,” says BooTown Artistic Director Emily Hynds. “It was really messy and gross, but it was also a really good story.”

Hynds, who will be presenting Afraid of the Water, says the BooTown audience is a mix of independent theater fans and stand-up comedy and improv enthusiasts. “No one else is really doing this kind of storytelling event in Houston,” she says. “When we started, we knew that we wanted to reach a different audience. We have people who like to go to bars and have something different to do. They aren’t interested in going to see a more traditional play. Storytime is a more casual environment. You can get up, go get a drink, order food. It’s not like a traditional theater-going experience; I think people appreciate it for that reason.”

9 p.m. Rudyard’s British Pub, 2010 Waugh. For information, visit
Tue., June 19, 9 p.m., 2012


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