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Bring the Noise

We're proud that Houston rap is enjoying its place in the national mainstream. But the Gulf Coast heavy metal scene is unfortunately still seeded deep within the local landscape, despite the fact that it's been going strong since the ´90s and many European metal fans have taken notice.

At today's Noisefest 2006, some of the city's most reputable acts, including Pretty Little Flower -- who recently returned from a European tour -- and Insect Warfare, will share the stage with New Jersey hardcore legends Lethal Aggression and Florida skate-thrash band No Comply.

"Right now we're enjoying a period where there's a lot of participation," says co-organizer Josh Vaughan, drummer for Noisefest participants the P.M.R.C. and Reason of Insanity. Last year Vaughan highlighted regional metal on Gulf Coast Massacre, a compilation released on his PsychoWolf label.

"I think it's the energy and the drive that everyone has. It's not a half-assed scene," he says. "A lot of us feel like we have something to prove, because no one really talks about Houston."
Fri., Aug. 4, 6 p.m.; Sat., Aug. 5, 5 p.m.


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