Cat 'n' Bird Fight

Damn those Rice baseball players. You'd think they'd throw in a little mediocrity once in a while, just to mix it up. Nope, as if on cue, they're en fuego, going 17-for-18 in April and hovering on the brink of the NCAA's No. 1 spot. This weekend, the Rice Owls face off in a West Side Story-style rumble with the University of Houston Cougars, who haven't been quite as blazing but did string together six consecutive wins last month. But the coolest thing about watching these two teams match up is the display of homegrown talent: Both rosters are packed with high school stars from the Houston area, like the Cougars' hard-hitting Isa Garcia and star pitcher Brad Lincoln, and the Owls' Brian Friday and Joe Savery. Play six degrees of college baseball players at 1 p.m.
Sun., May 14

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