Christopher Farnsworth: Blood Oath

The film rights to Christopher Farnsworth's debut novel Blood Oath and its yet-to-be-released sequel Black Site have already been snapped up by Warp Films. That kind of reaction might be unusual for most new authors, but while this is Farnsworth's first novel, it's not his first outing as a writer. He worked as an investigative journalist for several years and had already sold scripts to Hollywood movie studios before turning to fiction. (We certainly hope the plot to Blood Oath is fiction.)

The first in a series of supernatural thrillers, Blood Oath features Nathaniel Cade, a vampire who, thankfully, is a little different from most other undead characters we've been seeing (no offense to Bill from True Blood or Edward from Twilight). Cade was captured by the U.S. Army and is being forced to protect the president from threats by the undead and whatever otherworldly creatures that might come along. Mix vamps, who literally drink blood, with D.C. politicos, who may as well; toss in an overconfident Oval Office liaison, a few conspiracies and some biological weapons, and you have quite a literary cocktail. The Washington Post calls Blood Oath "a complex and unnervingly realistic tale in which vampire Nathaniel Cade is far less of a monster than his human colleagues at the CIA and FBI." (Like we said, we certainly hope this is fiction.) 6:30 p.m. Murder by the Book, 2342 Bissonnet. For information, call 713-524-8597 or visit Free.
Wed., June 2, 6:30 p.m., 2010


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