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Spinmaster Santa
Spinmaster Santa
Mark Poutenis

Club Christmas

"Home for the holidays" always sounds better than it is. After you've gotten through all the sibling rivalries, parental nitpicking, crappy-present complaints and the increasingly traditional family-member- coming-out-of-the-closet announcement, you'll need release and relief -- a Calgon-take-me-away moment, if you will. And this year, there's someplace to escape besides the movies. Two head-tripping, bass-heavy, booty-bumping shindigs will welcome and appease all stressed-out Santa-season sufferers.

On Christmas night, X-Mas on Waxx, the inaugural jingle-bell jammy-jam at hip-hop spot Club Waxx, features four, count 'em, four nightlife teams: DJs/percussionists the Rebel Crew, party-production posses tha 4:20 kidz and Open Eye Productions, and resident Club Waxx spin doctors, the Mathmatech DJs. And they're not at all worried about the Christmas conflict. "If 20 people show up, people will have a good time. If it's 200 people, people will have a good time," says Ceeplus, Club Waxx spinmaster and manager/booking agent for the Mathmatech DJs.

Ceeplus will also be on hand for A Home Bass X-Mas on December 26 at the Orbit Room, along with DJs and turntable crews Kidd Klover, Ethan Klein, DJ Sincere, Audio 3 and Chicken George. With Miss Pussycat, from the crew Evolve, serving as hostess and emcee, Home Bass promises to be free of strife and full of floor-shaking.

Rave-thrower Kelly McCann of the Scooby-Doo Crew and tha 4:20 kidz says the vibes will be particularly good at these nontraditional Christmas parties because members of several different crews are performing together. 'Tis the season, after all. "And the kids," she says, "they love these events because it's just about Houston, and only Houston, as far as the music goes."

Maybe home for the holidays isn't so bad after all, as long as no one pulls an Ellen over the PA system.

X-Mas on Waxx is Saturday, December 25, at Club Waxx, 1601 Leeland. Doors open at 9 p.m. Admission is $10 (over 21) and $12. For information, call (713)935-2046. A Home Bass X-Mas is Sunday, December 26, at the Orbit Room, 2524 McKinney. Doors open at 9 p.m. Admission is $12 (before 11 p.m.) and $15. For information, call (713)935-2093.


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