Conspiracy Lectures

Are you sure the government is watching you? That there’s a secret organization tasked with keeping the truth from us? Then you’re going to love this pair of lectures coming up. Today’s there’s Imagining Evil Conspiracy: From Early Christian Cannibalism to Satanic Ritual Abuse with David Frankfurter from the University of New Hampshire. It’s a look at the forces in society that are behind the witch hunts that pop up every few years. From the Salem witch trials to the more recent satanic ritual abuse survivor melee, something about us just wants to find a bogeyman. 5 p.m.

On Tuesday, there’s Your World Delivered to the NSA: Warrantless Domestic Wiretapping with Cindy Cohn of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The EFF opposes the mass surveillance of ordinary Americans, made possible only with the help of the major telecom companies. (Yeah, those people that you pay $40 a month for a phone are helping the government spy on you. Come on, that’s a conspiracy, right?) 4 p.m. Both lectures are at Rice University, 6100 Main. For information, call 713-348-0000 or visit Free.
Mon., March 30, 2009

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