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Dark and Lovely

The 80th Black History Month approaches, and with it, celebrations of all that has changed for the better since the first one in 1926. But some things, like the healing power of love and family, don't change, and that's the central theme of Jerome Hairston's stage adaptation of the novel Color Me Dark: A Story of the Great Migration North. Artistic director Tommacina Bell explains that the historical play is a timely one for current audiences. "It's definitely not just about racism, but about what families do when confronted with adversity."

Set in the period immediately following World War I, Color Me Dark follows the Love family in their flight to Chicago from a racially rocky Tennessee town and the Klansmen who killed their uncle. Upon arriving in the Windy City, the Loves discover that prejudice isn't limited by geography or skin color. But as they deal with tensions in their new city, the Loves find they can conquer all. 3 p.m. Show runs through February 19. For tickets and showtimes, call 713-520-0055 or visit $15 to $35.
Jan. 27-Feb. 19


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