Dark Matter: Five Gothic Tales of Horror

Murder, madness and modern physics come together in Don Nigro’s Dark Matter: Five Gothic Tales of Horror. A quintet of tales about spooky love gone terribly wrong, Dark Matter covers fairly grisly ground. Included is The Malefactor’s Bloody Register, the tale of three young girls who suffer horrors at the hands of a mad midwife; Joan of Arc in Autumn, the story of a young girl surrounded by flames and whispers; and Higgs Field, in which surreal metaphors of modern physics come to life to create a nightmarish world. The masters of the macabre at Mildred’s Umbrella Theater Company have created a strange niche in H-town’s theater scene. Specializing in disturbing experimental work, they’ve brought us performances about everything from bestiality to the plague. And the company seems to have found a soul mate in playwright Nigro, since our nightmares are his favorite playthings. Put on your black and get ready to step out into the dark. Tonight’s performance is a pay-as-you-like preview.


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