Bloc Party is about to get blown out of the water, but the band is probably used to it by now. The UK new-new wavers chose Deerhoof to open for them on their current tour, and it’s likely the San Francisco experimental pop rockers have stolen the show on more than a few nights. Deerhoof has been touring as a threesome since guitarist/bassist Chris Cohen left more than a year ago. No worries, though, as the group originally started out as such, and judging from January release Friend Opportunity and a crowd-pleasing performance here back in March, the members seem to have fallen comfortably back into the three-man regime. Opportunity shows the group turning back toward calmer tendencies, but luckily for fans, live performances always include samples from all over their catalogue, including the nonsensically sung, meticulously-timed ditties from past albums such as The Runners Four. But whatever they choose to play, it will likely make many forget about…what’s their name again?
Fri., Sept. 21, 7 p.m., 2007

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