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Dirty Dancing

Being seen in your underwear is a scenario associated with sitcom-ish nightmares preceding your first day of school, but the weekly DJ night "RockBox" is turning it into a celebration with its Back to School Panty Party, with DJ Mel making a guest appearance at the turntables. "People get loose when they're in their panties," says resident DJ Witnes. The festivities are free for those who dare to bare, so the only problem is figuring out where to put your drink money. American Apparel is lending a hand to those with dirty drawers by offering 10 percent off its undergarment selection with a flyer for the show. Just remember to pick your modesty back up before leaving The Proletariat, or our Hair Balls column might include your indecent exposure case.
Thu., Aug. 10, 9 p.m.


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