Doug Stanhope's Big Stink Comedy Tour

A careless DJ, preparing to interview the Sex Pistols' John Lydon, made the mistake one early morning of misdialing the sleeping, self-described ''old- school'' road comic Doug Stanhope. Twice. Rather than trying to reason with the DJ, Stanhope, whom both Variety and The Hollywood Reporter listed as one of their Top Ten Comics to Watch, slipped on his best Rottenest Brit accent and delivered a blistering interview including fake puking sounds. The DJ got his get, the listeners got their laughs and Stanhope got to go back to sleep — win/win/win.

The unfiltered Texas funnyman comes home with Doug Stanhope's Big Stink Comedy Tour, describing it as ''a bunch of drunk friends in a van, driving around the country and fucking off heavily.'' Stanhope peppers his punch lines with politically incorrect terms such as faggot. Stanhope's defense of his unfettered use of the word? ''It's just too good a word,'' he reasons. ''If you’re gay and you're offended, I'll suck your dick afterwards. I'll turn queer to keep the word.'' Such a little sex pistol!
Tue., March 12, 8 p.m., 2013


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