Big voices and big dreams add up to one very famous musical — at least that’s the case with Henry Krieger’s 1981 Broadway hit Dreamgirls. The Tony Award-winning extravaganza about the rise and fall of a Motown-style girl group might be all sentimental gooeyness, but the script and songs grew up into an Academy Award-winning movie that nearly every American teenager who imagines herself a pop star has seen. (Honestly, who hasn’t gripped a hairbrush while lip-synching before the mirror?) But as warm and fuzzy as the film might be, nothing beats the original musical — and thanks to the folks at Theater Under The Stars, the live-theater version is back. When the famously inspiring tune “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going” fills up the Hobby Center with its Gospel-like grandness, it’s bound to produce goose bumps that no amount of celluloid can come close to creating.
Oct. 9-21, 2007

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