Drummer Love

Most of us remember marching bands as pains in the ass that prolonged high school football games, delaying our post-game plans of pounding cheap beer in someone's basement. But you won't be eyeing your watch when the Texas Drum Corps comes to town today. The 135-member Drum Corps's The ExSIGHTment of SOUND is an elaborately choreographed, sonically bombastic feast for the eyes and ears. Despite its name, the Drum Corps features percussionists, brass instrument players and rifle-and-saber-twirlers; it plays a repertoire of rock, jazz and, of course, marching band standards. The Corps is summer camp for many of the Gulf Coast Region's most dedicated young musicians, who practice for more than ten hours a day and sleep in high school gymnasiums for the sake of the Corps, which raises money for school music programs. We don't know if we should admire their dedication or call child labor authorities, but either way, it should be a great show.
Thu., July 20, 7 p.m.

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