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Feeling Beals

You may recognize Jennifer Beals as the artsy femme on Showtime's lovely lesbo fest, The L Word. But if you were of PG-watching age in 1983 — or you just dig old movies — you'll remember she was the star of Flashdance. In the feel-good flick, young Beals plays a welder (by day) and stripper (by night) who's trying to get into ballet school. (She also has a huge loft, wears lots of leg-warmers and can take off her bra without removing her shirt.) You may recall that Beals sparked the whole oversize-sweatshirt-falling-off-the-shoulder fashion trend, and that the movie's "What a Feeling" got as much radio play as any hit by Duran Duran.

Tidbits such as these should give the guys of The Sinus Show plenty to work with when they riff on Flashdance today. The trio takes the tried-and-true tradition of mocking bad movies on TV (à la MST3K) and brings it to a live audience. Think of them as hecklers who actually talk decent smack. The guys, who sell out nearly every performance, even allow a little audience participation. (Let's hope there's at least one "What a Feeling" sing-along.)
Thu., April 27, 7 & 9:45 p.m.


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