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Figaro A-Go-Go

Mozart never had to slave away in a cubicle, but he still knew how fun it is to stick it to the Man. His opera The Marriage of Figaro is so full of potshots at the ne'er-do-well Count Almaviva that the ruling emperor Joseph II initially banned it in Vienna.

The too-hot-for-Vienna story begins with Figaro, who's ecstatic about his plans to marry Susanna. But the count has his eye on Susanna too, and there's no limit to what he will do to prevent the union. Meanwhile, a host of other characters are adding to the chaos by forming impossible alliances, switching identities and trading insults. But by the show's end, the count is at last revealed as a foolish, unfaithful scamp by the clever trickery of the countess, Susanna and Figaro. Luckily for the count, a marriage plot and the love of a good woman (the countess) bring this classic opera to a happy ending for all. Aww.
May 19-20, 8 p.m.


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