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Fore for Four

MON 5/23

Go ahead, throw on the checkered polyester pants and the snap-brim, Rudy-from-Fat Albert hat -- after all, it's for a good cause. This week, charity-minded duffers, rabbits, sandbaggers and other central-casting golf stereotypes from all over will be flooding the fairway to schmooze, putt, drive, bogey and raise metal clubs skyward in brazen defiance of the Gods of Lightning. It's all to raise money for the University of St. Thomas's Father Francis Monaghan Scholarship Fund, which directly benefits UST students. Expect a "Florida scramble"-style tournament. Note to golf virgins: "Florida scramble" ain't a plate at Denny's. Rather, four players tee off simultaneously. The guy who gets closest to the hole sits out for a round while the other players try to best his position. Then it starts all over again. Call it a sort of elimination in reverse, where the leader gets to lounge around and smirk while everyone else keeps sweating and slicing away. That's just so golf. Also, for any slothful, broke and/or easily amused types out there, we should mention that there's absolutely no charge to stand idly by and soak in the excitement and sartorial splendor. 8 a.m. Monday, May 23. BlackHorse Golf Club, 12205 Fry Road, Cypress. For information, call 713-525-3118 or visit Registration starts at $200. -- Scott Faingold


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