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This week’s Domy Book’s Monday Movie Night features Freaked, a classic cult comedy from the ‘90s. In it, Alex Winter (of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, who also codirects with Tom Stern) is Ricky Coogan, a celebrity spokesperson for a new, and, oh yeah, toxic, fertilizer. Anxious to see what he’s about to hawk, Coogan and some buddies go to South America to check out the fertilizer and its effects for themselves. They quickly find themselves kidnapped by a wacko sideshow owner (Randy Quaid) who uses the fertilizer to morph Coogan and his friends into new freaks for his show. Coogan joins the other captives, including the bearded lady (Mr. T.), the human worm and Ortiz the Dog Boy (an excellent and uncredited Keanu Reeves under layers and layers of makeup) in an attempt to escape.


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