Geeks Who Drink: The Quiz that Must Not Be Named

Think you're a Harry Potter expert? Quick, how was Sirius Black related to his killer? What's the spell that will open a locked door? And who celebrates his/her deathday? Think you know the answers? Then you just might be ready for the Geeks Who Drink: The Quiz that Must Not Be Named contest. For the uninitiated, Geek events are pub quizzes with eight rounds, eight questions each round. Teams of up to six people compete, and winners earn bar credit, free drinks and bizarre prizes (we're hoping for an ogre's-foot umbrella stand).

By the way, the answers to the questions up top are: Sirius and Bellatrix were cousins, "Alohomora" opens locked doors and it was Nearly Headless Nick who had a deathday party for himself. 2 p.m. Maple Leaf Pub, 514 Elgin. For information, visit $5.
Sat., April 24, 2 p.m., 2010

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