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If you're anything like us, it's Friday and you're done with paying attention, at least for any extended length of time. Thank God for Microcinema International's 11th season of the short-film series Independent Exposure. The show's shortest film, Epic Drag, a live-motion piece, is a mere 60 seconds; the longest, Silver Sleds, made with stop-motion animation, runs an interminable nine minutes. There's something for everyone here, whether it's arty (Andrew Evashchen creates a "short parody of an opening sequence montage" in A Very Small Guardrail) or cute (the animated Love Is examines love during a nuclear holocaust). Whatever your preference, keep your eyes peeled -- the show moves fast. 8 p.m. For tickets and schedule, call 713-522-8443 or visit $5.
Fri., Feb. 3

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